Time to play – its nighttime!

July 15, 2008 at 12:32 pm (Baby, Random, Sleep, Uncategorized) (, , )

Or at least that’s what Alexis seemed to think last night. We did our usual bedtime routine and she went to sleep no problem, then a few hours later so did I.  I had noiticed that she was a little restless when I went in to check on her before I went to bed, but I didn’t really think anything of it.

2:30am – I hear her.  First talking and babbling then crying.  So I go in there.  She is wide awake.  Not just the usual needs her pacifier half asleep thing – wide awake ready to play.  She smiles at me when I walk in.  Uh-uh, none of that.  So I calm her down and she falls back asleep.

4:45am – see above.  Same thing.  Wide awake.  Smiling like its morning.  I get her back to sleep.

6am – This was it for me.  She usually is up no earlier than 7am and I certainly was not ready for her tobe up.  So I picked her up and brought her to bed with me and after playing for about 15 minutes she fell back asleep until 7:30.

Boy am I tired though.  She had done the same thing the night before around 6am but I didn’t really think anything of it b/c it was so close to her waking time and she went back to sleep, now I’m hoping this is not a pattern.  I’m thinking maybe its time to start her on solids.  I wanted to wait until 6 months b/c she had reflux earlier on, but she’ll be 5 months next Monday.  I don’t know.  I’ll wait it out a few more nights and see what happens.  For now, I’m waiting until nap time – for both of us!

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