Let them eat cake!!

April 28, 2009 at 2:47 pm (Baby, Cooking, Eating Out, Family, Opinion, Parenting) (, , , )

Disclaimer: this is only my opinion – no offense to any mommies out there.

I was just reading one of the message boards I frequent filled with moms of Toddlers from 12-24 months and a mom posted a “dilemma” her word, not mine, because she didn’t know what to give her daughter for her birthday cake.  Come on! Give her cake.  I am all about being health conscious and teaching Alexis to eat healthy.  I buy organic when I can and make sure that she eats fruits and vegetables every day.   It has paid off because she is a great eater.  She loves broccoli, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, etc.  Not to mention all variety of fruits.  She has fish once a week and all the other meats.

However, I do allow her to have “junk food” also.  When we go out to eat I will give her french fries – not an entire order but a few.  I control what she eats not her.  So as long as she is eating whatever food I got her then she can have a few french fries.  She likes them.  She has also had cookies, chocolate, cake, and (gasp!) cake batter!  I believe in moderation and I know how happy chocolate makes me so why not allow my daughter to indulge a bit.  Again, as long as it is in moderation and as long as she eats the healthy food as well.  I think it’s important to have variety and that includes the bad stuff!  There are a few things that I will not allow – soda is one of them.  I do not think there is anything even slightly good about drinking soda so I will keep her away from that as long as possible.

I know there is an obesity epidemic and kids are heavier than ever which is why I do believe in moderation.  When I take her to fast food places, I opt for the healthy options for her – the apple fries, milk, I take half the bread off the cheeseburger and make sure she has tomoato on the burger.   When she’s old enough, I will enroll her in sports to make sure that she is not a sedentary child.

Anyway, I say, Let them eat cake!!!!! They are kids after all 🙂

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Move, Pictures, SEO

April 16, 2009 at 6:05 pm (Baby, Family, Home Improvement, House, Marriage, Sleep)

Ok lots of topics in one post.  I guess that’s what happens when I don’t blog for almost 2 months!!!!!

First – we now have a new home, temporarily anyway.  We sold our house 6 weeks after we put it on the market and decided that it would be wise to move in with my parents until we find a house instead of rushing to find one.  We sold our house furnished so luckily we didn’t have to store all of our furniture along with our belongings.  We packed up all our stuff in the midst of working 2 weeks at the SEO (more on that later), put most of it in storage and are now happily settled into our new digs.  i gotta say I’m pretty happy here.  Not that I could live with my parents indefinitely, but it is nice to be back in my old neighborhood amongst family and friends – there’s something familiar and comforting about it.  We start the house hunt in earnest this weekend and I’m sure we will find the perfect home for us 🙂  I loved my old home but it never felt like “home” to me.  Marc was the one who chose the house long before we began dating and I moved in with him to his house and it always felt that way.  So while I really liked the house it will be nice to have a house that is truly “ours”.

Next – pictures! I am very fortunate to have a talented friend who is also a photographer, Stephanie Sokol!! I wanted to have some professional photos taken of Alexis before her first birthday and I could not be happier with the way these turned out.  Here is the link to the photos www.stephaniesokol.smugmug.com and here is the link to Stephanie’s blog http://www.stephaniesokol.blogspot.com/

Lastly, Sony Ericsson Open.  This was my 9th year working at the tournament.  I started there as the Special Events Manager as a full time employee and have since transitioned to tournament only staff and for the past 3 years I have been the Stadium Court Producer – responsible for all music, contests, ceremonies, etc that happen on stadium court.  I absolutely love what I do there and I love the people who I see from year to year.  The downside – the hours.  It’s a killer.  It’s 12 days of long hours.  I was there about 14 hours a day on average.  Marc and I met there – he’s in charge of the Ballperson program so he has the same killer hours as I do – he is actully there about 3 hours before I am in the morning so neither one of us is around too much for Alexis.  Luckily we were able to stay with my parents and they stepped in, along with other family members to act as surrogate parents while we were away!  As an added bonus this year, we were closing on our house just over a week after the end of the tournament.  So in the week that we usually recover from the exhaustion, we had to pack our house and get ready for he move.  So now we are finally getting to relax and catch our breath a bit!!!!!

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