Congratulations President-Elect Obama!!!!!

November 5, 2008 at 10:22 am (Uncategorized) (, , )

I am working on my Hawaii recap, but I could not let today go by without a word about the presidential election.  I am so thrilled, there really aren’t words for just how happy I am that Obama won!!!!!!! I truly truly believe that Bush was bad for this country.  I believe that he has put us in a very and place both domestically and internationally.  I think the change that Obama will bring is monumental and historic.  Unfortunately racism is still prevalent in this country and I think its so sad.  For all those who have this irrational thought that Obama will be shot, make no mistake that is racist.  They believe he will be shot b/c of the color of his skin?  It cant be his religion b/c he is a Christian, he is extremely educated and qualified for the job.  He won by a considerable margin over his opponent.  We are the only country where this is an issue.  All the other developed democratic countries in the world look past skin color and laugh at us b/c we take such issue with it.  I actually believe that Bush had a better chance at assassination than Obama.  Bush is thoroughly hated around the world for his polices of Imperialism.  His willingness to go in to countries that did not ask for our help and bring democracy to them!! I think he has many many more enemies than Obama.  Will there be the radical KKK and skin head groups that will make threats and I’m sure plot, of course!! But that can’t be taken seriously, it happens all the time.  So to those who believe that we are worse off now b/c we have a black president, I respectfully disagree and I must say with my deepest sincerity, I am so proud of our country for how far we’ve come.  I think this is a major step forward and one that I think will make us a stronger nation.  I am proud that my daughter will grow up in a world where hopefully skin color or religion or sexual preference will not be of consequence.  ASIDE: I am disappointed that Amendment #2 passed, it was not a referendum to legalize gay marriage it was only to constitutionally ban it and I don’t see why that’s necessary.

As for McCain.  I think he gave a great concession speech.  That must have been the most difficult thing he had to do and I really feel for him.  Do I think that he was qualified? Yes.  However, I do not support his policies and therefore did not vore for him.  I honestly believe he would have further sunk this country into economic disrepair and would not have helped us raise our status internationally.

As I’ve said many times, one of the wonderful things about the US is our ability to elect a new president every 4 (or 8 ) years and transition power peacefully.  It is an amazing thing.  If you don’t think so, look at countries in Africa or Haiti where they have major riots by whomever doesn’t agree with the results.

We can’t always vote for the winner trust me – I voted for Gore, Kerry, and so many other Dems who have not won and I have lived in a state with a Rep governor for 10 years now and in a county with a lot of R congress members.  So, it happens and I live with it and I complain and make comments and disagree but when it comes down to it, I am behind whoever our leader is.

So, I cannot wait until January 20th!!!!!!!!!!  And I am so happy it’s all over!!


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