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Here goes:

I let Alexis watch TV even though the American Academy of Pediatrics says no TV until age 2.   Sometimes it just helps me get things done,  I can fold laundry or wash dishes.  I don’t let her eatch tv all day long and I don’t let her watch inappropriate shows, but she likes Yo Gabba Gabba, Backyardigans, and the Sprout channel and she also likes Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy!.

I bring Alexis into bed with me when I’m too exhausted to help her fall back asleep.  This is not something that I do frequently, but if she wakes in the middle of the night and will not fall back asleep usually due to teething pain, I do not have the heart to let her cry so I bring her into bed until she falls back asleep.  Or if she wakes too early in the morning, she comes into bed.  She usually wakes up between 8 – 8:30 sometimes earlier.  I will get up if it’s at least 7:30, but any earlier I just can’t do it, so she comes into bed.

I give her food she shouldn’t be eating yet.  Chocolate, mainly.  Yes, most of the time she eats healthy but if I’m having something yummy i give her a taste.

I have 2 blankets in her crib and they have been there since she has been in there.  Actually, I covered her with a blanket in her bassinet b/c she hated being swaddled.  Even when I did swaddle her with her arms out, I still added an additional blanket.  Our house is cold and I didn’t want her to be cold.  When I put her in the crib, I would tuck the blanket into the mattress at the bottom of the crib.  By that point she was able to pick herself up and she would cry if anything happened to her.  I would check on her at first to make sure she was ok and she was so I felt comfortable leaving it there.  Now the blankets are a bit heavier since it’s cooler outside.

I also have bumpers in her crib.  They are not only cute, but they keep her from bumping her head.  See above for picking her head up, rolling over, and crying if there was an issue.

I know a lot of these things are no-nos but I’m the mom and I would not do anything that I felt would be dangerous to Alexis.  So there it’s out I’ve confessed!!!!

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Alexis is 11 months old today!!!!

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One more month and the first year is over – it’s incredible!!  She has gotten so big it’s hard to believe.  She is extremely active these days.  She crawls all over the place, she stands without support and she cruises a lot.  She’ll be walking soon I’m sure.  She is talking more also – she says bye-bye, leche, and sometime she says upa (spanish for “up”).  She definitely has a strong personality and knows what she wants.  She likes being on the floor most of the time playing with her toys.  She can also eat with a spoon now.  Not well, but she can do it.  When I put food on the spoon, she knows how to put it into ther mouth to eat.  She is a very good eater and I still haven’t found anything she won’t eat.  She has 8 teeth – 4 top and 4 bottom and her molars are starting to come in but haven’t yet broken through.  She’s a lot of fun and likes to giggle and laugh.  She is very vocal.  She is also very squirmy and makes changing her extremely difficult!  The minute I lay her down she flips over and tried to get away so it’s always a fight changing her.  Luckily I stopped using a changing table a long time ago and I just use the floor.  I haven’t weighed her really, but I put her on our scale and it said 21 pounds which sounds right.    That’s about it.  I’m planning her 1st birthday party now and I just can’t believe how fast this first year has gone by!!!

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A final word on President Bush

January 16, 2009 at 5:27 pm (Opinion, Politics)

This is not a Bush rant, I know that is surprising for those of you who know me.

Last Monday, Bush held his last press briefing and I listened to it.  He was witty and self-depricating and (gasp!) likeable!!!! He was genuine.  I will never agree with his politics and I still believe that he has made many bad decisions.  But I think he has allowed himself to be steered by party leaders and advisors.  i think someone told him that he needed to be stiff and serious.  But in the waning days of his presidency, I have seen a few interviews with him – one in the White House with Laura talking about their last Christmas.  I saw that same side of him that I hadn’t seen in the last 8 years.  Maybe he has allowed himself to let his guard down and be himself more, instead of always being “The President”.  It’s easy to play Monday-morning quarterback and say that he would have higher approval ratings and fewer critics if he had been more of this likeable guy from Texas instead of the bumbling idiot who I saw most of the time during his interviews.   Obviously we never know what would have happened and we can’t re-write history.

I still would not have agreed with him or liked him, but there is a possibility that I would definitely have seen him as more tolerable.  After last night’s “farewell address” in prime time, he was his normal stiff self and I was disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing more of his real self – the family man, the sports fan, the husband and father who was born into a political family.   Nevertheless, all his foibles aside and his conservative nature aside I think that he loves this country and is proud to have served as president.  Only time well tell how History treats him in the future.

Now, onward to President-elect Obama and the unknown that will be the next 4 years!

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Let’s Eat Cake Fundraiser

January 6, 2009 at 3:45 pm (Uncategorized)

This is a copy/paste that I am doing at the request of my friend, Kimmie.  Please copy/paste this to your blog as well !

Thanks 🙂

Let’s Eat Cake, an amazing fundraiser hosted by the equally amazing Melissa Margarita-DiStefano, is coming up quick: Tuesday, February 17th at the Plaza Paramount Hotel! Let’s Eat Cake is a cake decorating competition with all proceeds going to the St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. Learn more about the fundraiser right here.

In an effort to make sure we get the word out to everyone (and raise money), we are starting this chain-blog (Ok, not sure if that is correct terminology. But it’s like a chain letter so let’s just go with it, shall we?)

Here’s what we need you to do…Repost this post (or create your own new version) on your blog and ask others to post it on their blogs. Melissa will donate one dollar to the fundraiser for EVERY BLOG that posts on Let’s Eat Cake this week! With the power of the blogosphere, that can QUICKLY add up! Let’s make Melissa Pay! Once you have reposted it, leave a comment letting us know that you posted it along with the url to the blog. It’s for a great cause and it will be fun to see how far it will go! So lets do it… Lets blog it forward and raise money for a great cause!!!

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There’s a fine line between cautious and over-protective

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Now that Alexis is mobile and active and daring, I find myself constantly second-guessing my actions.  She has had numerous bumps and falls and accidents already.  I know this is just the beginning!! As a mom, I have a natural instinct to want to protect my child from getting hurt.  When I see her standing and about to fall, I want to steady her and grab her.  But I also know that it’s good for her to fall, it’ll teach her her limitations and she will learn how to fall.  She needs to try things on her own in order to grow and develop.  It’s so tough for me to know when to step in and when not to.  A perfect example, last night she was crawling in her room and tried to stand up on a step stool that is just her size.  It’s not extremely sturdy and I knew that it could tip over if she didn’t put her weight in the middle.  But it’s only about a foot off the ground so I also knew that she wouldn’t fall far if she did and the room is carpeted.  So I let her do it and she fell, of course she bumped her lip and it started bleeding a little.  I felt terrible!!!!!  I shouldn’t have let her do it.  But the tears and the bleeding soon stopped and she was no worse for the wear, so I guess it was ok.

That brings me to my dilemma, when is it cautious and when is it over-protective.  It is with held breath that I watch her let go and stand on her own and even when she wobbles and I want to step in and grab her, I hold back and usually I learn that she can re-gain her balance.  Not always though and sometimes she falls, most of the time on her butt, occasionally not and she will get scared/hurt, but nothing serious.  I can see into the future and having the same issue with allowing her to go out with friends somewhere without me.  I guess the worrying never stops.  My job as a parent from now on is to teach her good judgment and to instill in her the belief that mommy will always be there when she stumbles (literally or figuratively)  and sit back and hope that she can take on all of life’s challenges with me behind her ready to catch her if she falls.

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