The importance of shoes.

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I am a shoe-holic, or is it shoe-a-holic?  Whatever.  What is it about shoes that women love so much, I’ll clue you in on the secret.  They always fit.  Of course there are exceptions to this, but I can gain 5 pounds and my jeans will be tight, but my shoes, they still fit.  No judgment from them.  I can usually be seen wearing flip flops.  I love  them and have endless pairs.  I have all kinds, casual hanging out ones, and nicer going out ones.  I have cheap Target ones and I have Coach and Stuart Weitzman ones, I love them all equally and wear them all.  They make me happy.  They’re comfortable, easy to put on and take off and I can always show off my pedicure! I am fortunate to live in South Florida so I can wear flip flops year round, except for a few cold days.

But, flip flops are not always appropriate foot wear.  For those times when they are not it’s time for fancy shoes.  And nothing makes me feel better than wearing a pair of fabulous super high heels.  I am short so I have always preferred my heels high.  Even for my wedding I went with a pair of 4″ heels.  They are not always comfortable, but always worth it.  Since I don’t own as many heels as flip flops, I do tend to buy pricey ones.  I have the usual variety of strappy heels, closed toe, black, ivory, and the one impractical fuchsia strappy heels.  I love looking at them in my closet.  I do have a particular fondness for Stuart Weitzman.  I have quite a few of those, including the afore-mentioned wedding shoes.  I just got my first pair of Manolos and I’m waiting for the perfect occasion to wear them!  My dream shoes are Mary Jane heels, I have been searching for just the right pair for a long time and haven’t found them yet.  They’re either too low, or the heel is too chunky, I know I sound like Goldilocks, but it’s true.  I will keep searching until I find ones that are just right.  When I wear these fancy shoes, I know I have them on, even if no one else does.  It makes me feel sexier, walk taller, and I’m happy 🙂

Then there are the in-betweens.  The low heels that can be worn casually with a pair of jeans or with dress pants.  These shoes are very important.  They can dress up an outfit or be dressy enough when needed without the discomfort of the heels.  I have these in lots of colors.  They are all basically the same – strappy sandal types.  They get a lot of use with me.  As I mentioned, I’m short so I do like to wear at least a small heel when I go out to make me a little taller.

I also have a million sneakers, but not because I work out a lot, it’s just a side effect of having worked for a tennis tournament for almost 10 years.   And I also have a few closed toe flats, these are my least favorite but sometimes necessary.

I know not everyone has this obsession with shoes.  Some people like purses, sunglasses, clothes, etc.  But, me?  Shoes are my vice.  The thing that I would spend a lot of money on and not feel guilty.  For me they are a necessity and they are important to my psyche.  They can cheer me up.  Even when they hurt, they make me happy!!!


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Time to go shopping!!!

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I have a ton of unused gift cards from last Christmas.  Of course I was pregnant then so I wasn’t going to go buy clothes for my non-pregnant self.  Then I refused to buy clothes until I reached my goal weight.  I had to buy a few things that fit me so that I could get dressed every day, but not a lot.  So now, seven and a half months after Alexis was born I am at my goal weight!! I weigh what I did when I got married and that’s 10 pounds under my pre-pregnancy weight.  So now I can go spend all that money I have and get some cute things for my trip to Hawaii!!!

Now the trick is to not let myself slowly creep back up!!!!!

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Baby food and my weight

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Two separate subjects, both with the underlying theme of food.

First, I’ve been giving Alexis baby food.  I started out with fruits.  Bananas then Applesauce.  She tolerated them but didn’t like them, she would shiver a few times and make faces.  I gave them each for 4 days and she really didn’t get much better.  I had a feeling they were too sweet for her.  I switched to the veggies – sweet potatoes and carrots.  She loved them! Both of them!! She would open up her mouth big and wait for more.  They were a huge success.  I figured I would switch to sweet peas so she could get a different color – they were gross! They smell like puke, I couldn’t smell them, I had to have the bowl next to me.  Ick!  She didn’t like them at all.  She made awful faces and shivered and shook and spit it out.  I couldn’t blame her, the stuff was disgusting.  After about 3 spoonfuls, I decided I would not torture my daughter like that and I switched to pears.  Those were a hit.  She loved the pears!! I may try and make my own peas and see how she likes those.  I can’t wait to get through all the stage 1 flavors so that I can then experiment with making my own baby food! I’m excited about that!!  Next, I think will be peaches then green beans and we’re done!

Now, me.  I hit a major milestone -20 pounds!!! Yay!!!! I am definitely not losing as quickly as I was at first, but I’m also not being as strict with the diet as I was.  I am still going down so I’m thrilled.  But I still have 10 pounds to go.

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Yay! (sort of)

July 24, 2008 at 12:22 pm (Weight Loss) (, , )

Weekly weigh-in check.  I lost the 8 ounces that I had gained, but nothings else.  So yay! But not really b/c now I’m back where I was 3 weeks ago.

Marc and I went out to dinner a few nights ago for a date night.  I had a chicken caesar salad.  It was so high in sodium that I was drinking water all night long.  And of course that means I was retaining water the next day which was reflected on the scale.  I thought I was being good by having the salad.

This sucks I seem to be stuck at this weight, I need to kick start myself into gear again!!!!! I’m thinking of trying Alli but they’re kind of pricey.  Of course if they work then it’s totally worth it.  I may check it out.

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Keeping myself accountable

July 17, 2008 at 2:39 pm (Shopping, Weight Loss) (, , )

I went to Jenny Craig this morning to weigh in.  I hadn’t gone in 2 weeks so I was overdue.  Those 2 weeks were not good diet weeks.  With the surgery and being at my mom’s house etc, I just wasn’t good.  I know those are excuses but its true! So I didn’t do as badly as I had thought and I only gained 8oz (yay!).  I was expecting it to be more like 2 pounds! That’s a lesson to me though that the diet gods may not be so nice next time around.  So I need to re-focus myself and really be good and eat the JC foods and not cheat!!!

Hopefully by next weeks’s weigh-in I will have lost  those 8oz plus more!!!

On a positive note, I truly cannot wear my size 14 shorts anymore.  Those are the shorts that I bought immediately after having the baby and being sick and tired of maternity clothes.  I was horrified at having to buy 14s, but there it was.  Slowly I have gone down, I bought a pair of size 12s but never bought any 10s.  I have recently bought 2 size 8s (woo-hoo!!) They’re a bit snug but they fit.  I put on the 14s today to go out and they are literally falling off.   I have to pull them up every 5 seconds – not comfy.  So I am almost back to my pp size 6 and I can’t wait!!!!!

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Diet? What diet?

July 7, 2008 at 1:16 pm (Travel, Weight Loss) ()

Who me?  Yeah that was pretty much my weekend.  I am up a pound and a half.  Yuck.  But I guess that’s what happens sometimes.  We didn’t even go anywhere, but it still seems like we ate out A LOT! And I didn’t exactly try to be super careful with my calorie intake (obviously).  Oh well, I guess now I know what I have to do!

I realize that I’ve reached a difficult point in my weight loss.  I’ve lost all the “excess” weight.  All the baby weight.  I’m at a weight where I’m not huge and uncomfortable, I can fit into some of my pp clothes so I don’t have the same motivation I had before.  These last 10 pounds are going to be hard b/c I’m trying to get myself back to a weight where I looked really good and was happy, but that takes work.  I know I can do it, but it sucks!!  I enjoy food too much!! My ultimate goal is to be happy with how I look by the time we go to Hawaii in October so that’s plenty of time and totally realistic.

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Me :)

July 2, 2008 at 8:44 pm (Baby, Marriage, Random, Weight Loss) (, , )

I’ll keep it short and start with pregnancy.

Another topic I will be discussing frequently is weight loss.  I was at my ideal weight when I got married.  1 year later I had gained about 12 pounds 😦  I had wanted to lost those 12 pounds before I got pregnant but that never happened.  I gained about 35 pounds during the pregnancy, which is not terrible.  The weeks after I had  the baby I lost 15 pounds – just from baby, etc. So that left me about 32 pounds away from where I wanted to be – back at my ideal weight.  Eek.  I knew I needed help, so I turned to Jenny Craig.  Best thing I ever did.  The food is awesome!!  It’s super easy to do.  I am now 4 months pp and I’m 10 pounds away from my goal weight – yay!!  I’m not always perfect and I have my slip-ups but for the most part I follow the plan and I get out and walk with alexis about 4 times a week – she likes being out in the fresh air and I get some exercise!

The day after I came home from the hospitalFather\'s Day (in a bathing suit!!)

Me the day after I came home from the hospital         Father’s Day (in a bathing suit!!)

Now that I have that taken care of – it seems that I have some lingering bleeding going on for which my Dr is scratching his head.  After over 2 months of tinkering with birth control pills and going back and forth, I am finally going to have surgery.  Ick.  July 9th.  Next week.  A “mild general anesthetic” is what my Dr says.  Then they will go in and take a look and see if they can find a cause and solution for the bleeding.  I am not looking forward to it, but I guess that’s the way it has to be.  Sucks.  I am definitely not having another baby for a while!!

I just celebrated my 2 year wedding anniversary.  We went to the Melting Pot – not exactly the same as our 1 yr anniversary which we marked with a 2 week trip to Alaska, but we can’t really go away for 2 weeks with a 3 month old (at the time) baby.  It was nice.  The last few months have been rough, but I suppose that’s normal since our lives have been turned upside down with the birth of the baby.  Becoming parents has been wonderful and stressful.  I think we are finally settling into a routine and we’re getting along better.

Not much else to say about me.  I’m going to be staying at home for the foreseeable future.  Hopefully I will go to graduate school next year and get a master’s degree and teach high school one day.

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