Two years old!!!!!

February 22, 2010 at 1:59 pm (Uncategorized)

Time flies.  I really can’t believe it’s been 2 years that I’ve been a mom.  2 years since those first early sleepless nights and days spent in a fog.  Now I have a running, jumping (little) PERSON!!!!! It’s so much fun.

At today’s Dr visit, she measured 29lbs and 35 inches, both of which are in the 75% for her age.  This is pretty consistent for where she’s been, she has always been around the 75%.   She is right on track developmentally, nothing to worry about.  She got one shot and they took blood.  She barely cried and did really well playing with her stickers most of the time.

Onto the fun part – the PARTY!!  Only a few small glitches but overall the party was fabulous.  And i have a lot of returning to do.  We arrived at the park to decorate.  We had rented a pavilion next to a playground.   It was a very windy day and we were right next to a lake which made it even windier.  The table were those iron ones with the holes.  So immediately i decided to ditch the tablecloths.  Even if I had used clips, the wind would have come from underneath and made the them billow which would have sent all the food and drinks flying.  I also decided to forget the Happy Birthday banner and centerpieces I had.  Now balloons were a different story since they were all blown up.  We tied them really low but still had some casualties.  I started out with 24 latex balloons and 6 mylar, ended up with all 6 mylars and about 7 latex by the end of the party.  So, even though it didn’t look as nice as I had hoped and planned, no one cares about that (except me).  And now I can return all the unused party supplies.

Next was Minnie Mouse.  Oh Minnie.  We had scheduled a Minnie Mouse character to arrive at noon and entertain for an hour.  Well noon came and went.  Soon it was 12:30, I left messages for the company but got no phone call back.  Finally at 12:45 they showed up.  Well, it was too late.  The party was only until 2, by the time Minnie got ready and started it would have been 1 and if she performed for an hour that left mo time for cake, etc.  So we asked them to perform for an hour at half price, they said they couldn’t do that.  Further, they said they got lost.  No phone call.  They had both my and Marc’s cell phone number written down though.  No apology.   Couldn’t have cared less.  Not to mention when we called to book Minnie, they told us that they perform at  this park all the time.  i don’t think they got lost.  But whatever, I wasn’t going to argue, so they left.   No Minnie.  It would have been nice, but we definitely didn’t need it.  I think the kids had a great time playing in the playground.

Overall the party was a success.  Alexis had fun and got a lot of cute clothes and great gifts.  Although I’m going to start assigning someone to be party photographer.  I hardly have any pictures from the day b/c I was so busy doing other things, I didn’t really walk around enough taking pictures.


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