18 months ago today…

August 21, 2009 at 11:10 am (Uncategorized)

UPDATE: After her 18 month pediatrician visit – she weighs 28lbs, 90th percentile and she measures 32.5in, 75th percentile.   She is apparently right on track with her speech, despite my worrying.  The dr said that she should be developing a lot of new words in the next couple months and beginning to put 2 words together and if she doesn’t do that in a couple months, then I should call.  Otherwise, she is saying an appropriate number of words.   Other than that, she is doing well – she can sort and stack, problem-solve, roll and throw a ball,  jump, eat with a fork and spoon, and brush her teeth.

I was being induced at 38 weeks because of my high blood pressure.  I was freaking out about the needles and the pain and the “what’ifs”  The reality of my short 3.5 hour labor, the epidural which was waaaay worse in my imagination than in m reality, and yes even the 1.5 hours of pushing without said epidural were not as bad as what I had envisioned.  And of course it’s all better as soon as I heard that frist little cry.

Fast forward 18 months.  She is now a walking, (kinda) talking, little ball of energy!  She has such a personality.  Definitely has inherited both mommy’s and daddy’s stubbornness and strong willed natures.  When she wants something, we know it.  She tests her boundaries and is not a big fan of the word “no”.  She loves eating and will eat anything that I give her.  She is very active – loves running around, swimming, going to the park, and climbing on everything.  She doesn’t talk a lot yet, she does have words though – in addition to ones I’ve blogged about in the past – there is duckie, fishie, twee (three), and her favorite – mas!  More in Spanish.  She says that when she wanrs more of anything – food, a book read again, more playing, etc it is her favorite word.  She now also motions along with Itsy Bitsy Spider, and sings along to most music.  She loves music – she has for a long time, dances along when there is music on tv, or in the car, or a restaurant, if it’s something she knows-  like the  theme song to Dora or the Backyardigans – she will “sing” along, not the words but she sings her own way!! Speaking of Dora, that’s another word – Dowa, she loves her and Diego.  The other favorite is the Backyardigans – which also happen to be MY favorite.   I go to the pediatrician on Monday so I will update then with her stats.  Overall, she is a very good baby toddler.  She is very sweet and loves to cuddle.  She is also my little partner and we go shopping together and run errands together.  She has inherited my shoe addiction.  I’m sure the fact that I buy her every single cute shoe I see does not help – but she loves her shoes – she puts them on herself – not correcly of course, and she also puts on everyone else’s shoes that may happen to by lying around.  She has learned how to use a fork, she does make a mess but she knows how to stab the food and then get it in her mouth.  The spoon is a little trickier b/c the stuff slides off, but she does try to eat things like yogurt by herself.

2 pictures – then and now.

Newborn Alexis


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  1. Jennifer said,

    Happy 18 months, big girl!

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