My version of reality television

August 2, 2009 at 1:34 pm (Environment, Random, Television)

No, I don’t watch The Bachelor, or Bachelorette, So You Think You Can Dance, or Project Runway.  I don’t like Reality TV (with the exception of American Idol).

I do, however, love the real reality shows and this week marks the best of them all – the highlight of my year – SHARK WEEK!!!!!  I will be glued to the television watching the new shows and the old shows that I’ve seen a million times.  I am fascinated by sharks.  And terrified of them.  I rarely go to the beach, and when I do, I will only go swimming if the water is crystal clear and I won’t go out too far.  I prefer pools.  When we were in Hawaii – I went in the ocean ONCE and that was snorkeling in a closed off bay, and even then I was scanning the waters around me for predators.  So why do I watch with such rapt attention?  I think they’re amazing creatures.  I do not believe they are man-eaters, I think they only bite people when they are confused and think we are fish.  We are going into their home and their environment and they are acting out of instinct.  They are beautiful and they are  the apex predators.  So you know where I will be every night for the next week.

Aside from Shark Week, the other “reality shows” I love to watch are all similar.  Deadliest Catch – a show about Alaska crab fisherman.  Great show and the guys who go out there year after year are courageous and do something that I would never do.   Shows you that you really do need to respect Mother Nature.

Next, Whale Wars.  This is a new one, only in its second season.  This chronicles a group whose mission it is to protect the whales in the Southern Ocean from illegal killing by Japanese.  The Japanese claim to be doing it for “research” but I don’t think anyone actually believes that.  If I was younger and single and didn’t have a baby – I would volunteer for this organization.  I strongly believe in what they are doing.

A couple others I enjoy – Ice Road Truckers, not as good this season.  Greesnburg – documents the town of Greensburg, Kansas which was wiped out by an EF-5 Tornado and it’s struggle to re-build itself green.

So, am I a dork?  Probably.  But I think I would do really well on Jeopardy!


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