Letter to parties involved in house purchase

June 15, 2009 at 2:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Dear mortgage lender,

From the beginning I was wary of using you since you were affiliated with the seller/listing agent, however we decided it was worth it and the rate was good.  We had 6 weeks to get all our documents in order before the closing date listed on the contract.  Why then TWO HOURS before the deadline do you inform us that you need something that is impossible to get so quickly?  Then after we get you said information, why do you tell us documents will be sent the next morning if they are not.  Why – now 3 days after our closing was supposed to happen and 5 days after the original deadline to have documents completed are they still not at the title company?  Why have you told us repeatedly that they have been completed and sent when they CLEARLY HAVE NOT BEEN!!?  Are you so incompetent that you cannot handle a simple transaction that is in your job description?  And, be assured that we will not be responsible for any penalties that we incur as a result of closing after the date on our contract.

*Update* Also – please read through our paperwork before you send us an email stating we do not have flood insurance, because it is on page 2 of the documents from the insurance agent.

Dear title company,

Our closing date was supposed to be June 12th.  I understand that you did not have all the necessary documents in your hands by your deadline and therefore we will have to delay closing.  However, why do we need to chase you down with repeated phone calls that go unanswered and emails that are not answered or vague when they are.  This is not a surprise, we have had plenty of notice so everything should be ready to go on your end as soon as the documents are delivered.  I was wary also of using you because of the same affiliations as the lender.

Dear listing agent,

You, especially, have been a moron.  From day one – I have not liked you and you should be happy that you are not dealing with me directly.  It seems to me that you do not really want to sell this house because if you did then you would not be so confrontational and negative about everything.  Your one line misspelled responses to questions are irritating.  Your know-it-all attitude and advice to disregard our attorney’s advice is ridiculous.  I have had it with you and cannot wait until we have closed and I no longer need to worry about being polite to you.   I want an actual answer and guarantee that the 3 years of owed property taxes and HOA dues will be paid by the current owner (the bank) because I REFUSE to sign anything until I am assured that is no longer an issue.





  1. Jenn said,

    Oy. What a mess. Was this a short sale?

  2. Samantha said,

    Hang in there Leanna. This mess will be over soon. Try not to let it get you too mad. I know easier said than done 😉

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