15 month Update

June 8, 2009 at 10:37 am (Uncategorized)

For this checkup I went to a new pediatrician.  I really loved my old one but she was just too far from my mom’s house.  So we tried out a new one and I really loved her too 🙂

Overall a clean bill of health.  Developmentally, Alexis is doing well.  She passed all the little tests the Dr had her do – stack blocks, pick up a small item, follow simple commands.   The only thing was her speech.  Alexis has a handful of words that she says – mama, dada, leche, kitty, night night, baba (for my mom), etc.  The dr said that was fine for now but that her speech should be expanding exponentially by her next check up at 18months.   She wasn’t concerned about it but still I want to make sure that she’s doing everything she should be.  I read to her pretty often, but I’m going to make a point of reading 2 books a day to her.  Not like huge novels – little board books.  Also I’ve been talking to her a lot more – really explaining everything I’m saying and seeing if I can get her to repeat.  I am also taking away the pacifier when we’re home playing.  There really is no reason for her to have it, other than habit.  So she can have it when she sleeps and when we’re out.   I’m not sure if speaking in 2 languages is confusing to her but I wouldn’t think so.   She weighed 26lbs and was 32 inches long 75% for both, pretty consistent to where she’s been.  She has some rough red patches on her skin the Dr said those are eczema and she gave me a cream to treat that and said it’s pretty common in babies.  She also got 4 shots!! I still declined the Chicken Pox, I would like to wait until she’s 2 for that one, unless I go back to work and need to have her in a day care.  She got DTaP, Hib, PCV, and HAV.  She’s actually never gotten that many at once, I usually split them, but since it’s more difficult these days giving her shots I figured I would get it over with all at once.  I’m not sure if that’s the reason why, but she had a moticeable reaction.  She was really groggy all day and very whiny and needy.  She did not want to put down, she wanted to be carried and wanted to cuddle.  She also got a low fever in the evening.  She woke up a lot at night and was very restless, like she was uncomfortable.  She has a big red welt on one of her legs too.  Sucks.

As for some of the fun stuff she’s being doing lately, there is a lot.  She loves music.  She “sings” along with her toys and the songs she knows.   She gets the tune right which is pretty cool.  She also dances all the time.  As soon as she hears music, which included the Final Jeopardy theme she dances.  She bobs her head, shakes her shoulders and hips.  When she’s sitting, she will move her head back and forth and tap her hands on the table to the beat – it’s hilarious!  She is also becoming quite a little monkey.  She copies  things now.  The other day I had the Today show on and right before they go to commercial they scan the crowd who is all screaming, so then Alexis starts coping the screaming crowd.  She also does this low grunting thing when she hears someone burp – mimicing them.  She has also gotten pretty good with a fork and spoon.  She can’t really get the food on them but she tries and manages to do it some times, but when I put food on them she knows how to eat with them.  She is also getting better at coloring and makes marks on paper about half the time, when she’s not trying to eat the crayon!!  She is definitely a little girl now, not a baby anymore!  It’s amazing how that transformation happened in the last 3 months!!!

15ish months

15ish months



  1. Samantha said,

    LOL I’m totally picturing her dancing to the Final Jeopardy music now.

  2. Lynn said,

    She is getting so big! Can’t wait to see her again!

  3. Mimi said,

    She is just too cute, I miss her!! xoxo

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