The Internet is not just for dating anymore!

May 22, 2009 at 2:15 pm (Friends, Parenting) (, )

This post is about friendship.  The title is because I have met a lot of my friends via the Internet.

I first started posting on the Knot when I got engaged and met people through there.  But I never really made friendships.  Then after I was married I transferred over to the Nest.  That’s when I got to know some of the girls better.  Most were still Internet – only but now I had a group of friends who I spoke to regularly and met for lunch and even one who was a neighbor!!! I still referred to them as my Internet friends.  Then when I got pregnant I went over to the Nest Baby (now the Bump) and the friendships grew deeper and I met even more friends.  Now almost 4 years after I got engaged I have a whole new circle of friends.  They are no longer Internet friends.  They are friends.  I make no distinction anymore.  I call them, email them.  These are women who are mothers of young children, they know what I’m dealing with.  I can confide in them.  They are truly special to me.

This does not make my other friends less important, only different.  I have extremely close friends who I was friends with in college and immediately after.  When I was single and dating,  having a close group of friends was my whole life.  We were family to each other.  We never made a move without consulting each other.  These were not only women, but also guy friends.  We spent every weekend together, and also many a night finishing off a few bottles of wine and listening to music and just talking.  These were my friends during a very important part of my life and even though some are married, some not yet, we remain friends and talk all the time.  Of course we also reminisce.

Then there are my friends who really know me.  The ones I’ve had since elementary school.  There are only a few of these, but these are the really deep friendships.  The people who have seen me grow up, who used to come over and play.  These are the people who have been there for 8th grade graduation, homecomings, proms, first boyfriends, heartbreak.  There is a bond  there that no one can touch.  I feel special knowing I have these people in my life.  And yes they are still in my life – we talk, we see each other, we will always be part of each others lives.

I’m lucky to have so many special people in my life.  And I love that I am adding new friends to my life, while keeping the old ones.  I’m so happy that my “internet friends” have now become friends 🙂



  1. Melanie said,


    Me too!!

  2. mellymelb said,

    I miss you, neighbor!!!!

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