Grown Up Valentine’s Day

February 10, 2009 at 6:46 pm (Family, Holidays, Marriage, Uncategorized) (, , )

No, this is no x-rated.

I was thinking the other day about how different Valentine’s Day has become.  When I was little, my dad would always get me flowers and a gift.  I was always his Valentine.  He would bring home a dozen roses for my mom and a single one for me.  I loved it.

Then in high school it was always about putting things on lockers.  Balloons, cards, etc.  I would decorate my boyfriends locker and he would decorate mine.  Walking through the halls was like a big circus of red and pink mylar!! It was fun and exciting!!

Then in my early 20’s it was all dependent on whether I was dating someone.  If I was – then I was concerend with dinner reservations and what he was getting me.  If I was single – then it was boycotting the holiday by drinking with my other single girlfriends.  I think I had more fun the years I was single!!!!!

Now, married and a mom- it’s almost an afterthought.  I feel so old, but I hate going out to dinner on Valentine’s Day.  I don’t want to wait and have to choose from a limited menu and have crappy service from a waiter who is trying to hurry me out.  Alexis is still too little to be excited about any holiday, so that’s not fun yet, maybe next year?   As for our plans – well I guess we’re going to grill some lobster tails and have a nice dinner at home, exchange some small gifts.    I know it’s supposed to be about celebrating your love and call me cynical but after being together for 5 years (5 years!!!) it has lost some of its pizzaz.   Since we live together and are married, it’s different than when we were dating and it was a special night to be together and be in love.  Ok, I am cynical.

Don’t get me wrong – i love holidays and I will wear my shirt with the heart on the front and my heart earrings on Saturday b/c that’s just me.   I guess what I’m trying to say is that the anticipation is not the same.  Although I really do like lobster tails 🙂

*Update* My husband read this and was offended b/c he felt that I was ignoring him and not acting like I was in love.  So, for him let me clarify, yes I am in love and will celebrate that.  What I mean is that things change through the years.  And it has become a comfortable love, instead of something new.   Not bad,  just different.



  1. findyourlove said,

    hmm interesting thoughts . no matter how old your marriage is still you need to go out with husband . Its just a way to show you both love each other

  2. Lynn said,

    Chris and I boycott restaurants on valentines for the same reason. We have for years. Why am I going to pay twice as much for worse service because it is a holiday?! We celebrate before or after at a restaurant. The past few years we have babysat my sisters kids so they could go out. I guess I am just cheap, but don’t even buy me roses. They cost twice as much on valentines too! Plus, we have so many better things he could spend that money on (like redoing my bathroom!) Gosh, growing old sucks!

  3. mellymelb said,

    The update was my favorite part. Poor poor neglected Marc. :p

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