A final word on President Bush

January 16, 2009 at 5:27 pm (Opinion, Politics)

This is not a Bush rant, I know that is surprising for those of you who know me.

Last Monday, Bush held his last press briefing and I listened to it.  He was witty and self-depricating and (gasp!) likeable!!!! He was genuine.  I will never agree with his politics and I still believe that he has made many bad decisions.  But I think he has allowed himself to be steered by party leaders and advisors.  i think someone told him that he needed to be stiff and serious.  But in the waning days of his presidency, I have seen a few interviews with him – one in the White House with Laura talking about their last Christmas.  I saw that same side of him that I hadn’t seen in the last 8 years.  Maybe he has allowed himself to let his guard down and be himself more, instead of always being “The President”.  It’s easy to play Monday-morning quarterback and say that he would have higher approval ratings and fewer critics if he had been more of this likeable guy from Texas instead of the bumbling idiot who I saw most of the time during his interviews.   Obviously we never know what would have happened and we can’t re-write history.

I still would not have agreed with him or liked him, but there is a possibility that I would definitely have seen him as more tolerable.  After last night’s “farewell address” in prime time, he was his normal stiff self and I was disappointed because I was looking forward to seeing more of his real self – the family man, the sports fan, the husband and father who was born into a political family.   Nevertheless, all his foibles aside and his conservative nature aside I think that he loves this country and is proud to have served as president.  Only time well tell how History treats him in the future.

Now, onward to President-elect Obama and the unknown that will be the next 4 years!

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