I’m 31 and Alexis is 10 months!!!!

December 30, 2008 at 11:02 am (Baby, Family, Holidays)

And I’m totally ok with it! Last year was a bit more freaky since it was the big 3-0! Now that that’s over I guess it’s ok.  My birthday, AKA Christmas, was great this year.  Not so much the birthday part, but the Christmas part.   Marc and I had set up a budget for Alexis and for each other, we went way way over that.  Like by double, for all of us.   I don’t think we realized how much stuff we had gotten for Alexis until Christmas morning when we put it all under the tree.  Some highlights include – FP Learning Home, Elmo Live, FP piano, Bounce N spin pony, FP crawl and cruise jungle, Little Superstar stage, a talking shopping cart, vtech easel, etc.  We put a bunch of stuff away and we will put it out gradually.  It is a little overwhelming.   What was a lot of fun was putting stuff together!! We went over to my mom’s house Christmas Day for a late lunch early dinner and after we got home started assembling toys.   We enjoyed that!!

On another note, I was so busy with  getting ready for Christmas that I never marked Alexis’s 10 month b-day!! No “official” pic right now.  But her accomplishments.  She is doing so much now it’s incredible.  She’s crawling around like a mad woman.   She stands up on anything and everything that’s around.  She cruises on furniture, her baby gate, whatever.  She lets go and can stand without support for up to 30 seconds at a time.  She is such a good eater, I have not found anything that she doesn’t like.


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  1. mellymelb said,

    YAY for Mama and Alexis. Its nice to hear that everything is right on track for both of you.

    Her Tia got Sophie the bounce and spin pony….talk about so cute!

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