Bring back Merry Christmas!

December 4, 2008 at 4:32 pm (Holidays, Marriage, Opinion) (, , )

During “the holidays” this over-emphasis on political correctness drives me nuts.  I know that not everyone celebrates the birth of Jesus – I get it.  More than most probably since we are a 2 religion household.  We have a Christmas Tree and a Menorah.  We celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah in our house.  So, what is the harm in saying to a person buying Christmas wrapping paper or a Santa statue “Merry Christmas” or to someone buying a Menorah or dreidel “Happy Hanukkah”?  Why must it be Happy Holidays?  The big tree with lights and ornaments being lit in the mall is a Christmas Tree not a holiday tree.  That thing with 9 lights on top – that’s a menorah. not holiday candelabra.  Come on.  I don’t know anyone who would be offended by calling a spade a spade.  I hear it on the news, on tv, everywhere!  We can all be tolerant of each others differences and respectful.  But, we can also acknowledge those differences instead of mushing it all together.  And, if you don’t celebrate any holiday well then I’m sorry but you are in the minority and will probably be wished happy something between now and January 1st.

I certainly would not be offended if someone came up to me and said Happy Hanukkah.  It’s the spirit of the season.  Be happy and tolerant.  We keep the outside of our house neutral.  We have lights, but they are all white  – no santa, no nativity, no menorah.  Inside, we have decorations that represent both holidays.  We do not try to mesh them into one “Holiday” rather keep them separate and special.

So can we please bring back Merry Christmas?!! Oh, and Happy Hanukkah and Happy Kwanzaa and hey Happy Festivus!!



  1. Melanie said,

    I am going to have to disagree on this one. It makes me very uncomfortable when I am told “Merry Christmas”, or “have a nice Christmas”. I don’t celebrate it, and I feel weird saying that. I would much rather a “Happy Holidays” or “Happy New Year”. I can’t explain it much better than it just makes me uncomfortable accepting a Merry Christmas from someone when it’s not my holiday!

    • Leanna said,

      I didn’t mean that people should randomly say merry christmas, but if I’m out shopping and buying obviously christmas-themed stuff then i think merry christmas is fine. I still think that there is room for people to use their discretion and say happy holidays if its not apparent. But when it’s obvious which holiday is being celebrated then it’s ok to offer the specific greeting. Or to refer to christmas trees as christmas trees, instead of holiday trees. But I don’t mind if you disagree 🙂 I’ll still be your friend!!!

  2. mellymelb said,

    I agree with you, Leanna. Then again I have a PC-Hangover in general.

    Q? What is Festivus? LOL.

  3. Mirielle said,

    I agree with you on the Christmas tree and menorah it is what it is and should not have “holiday” in the name but when I am wishing someone something I do say Happy Holidays (if I am not sure that they celebrate xmas) only because if they don’t celebrate xmas there is no point in wishing them a Merry Christmas – they don’t have one at all. Maybe you don’t mind Happy Hanukkah because you do celebrate Hanukkah? but I would feel weird if someone said happy hanukkah to me (not in a bad way, just weird wondering why they told me that)

    But renaming things is annoying, its a Christmas Tree call it what it is! LOL I’m surprised they haven’t changed Santas Enchanted Forest to Holiday Enchantment LMAO

  4. Melanie said,

    oh i think a christmas tree is a christmas tree. what the heck is a holiday tree!? lol… but i get “merry christmas” when i’m at target just buying baby stuff, and it’s just weird. i see what you are saying though, if you’re buying christmas stuff, that would be appropriate!

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