No more baby food

December 1, 2008 at 10:57 am (Baby, Cooking, Eating Out, Parenting) (, )

That’s what Alexis has decided.  For the past couple months I’ve been giving her little bits and pieces of table food.  Well, she has become so good at chewing and enjoying things that re not pureed that she won’t eat the baby foods anymore.  Even the Stage 3s which are chunky.  She closes her mouth, preferring to feed herself.   Ok, little miss independent (can’t imagine where she gets that).    I’m glad that she is such a good eater and it’s a lot more fun for me.  It’s also a lot messier.  So far her favorite seems to be rice and anything sweet.  Cinnamon toast, pumpkin pie, fruit, etc!

Ironically, she will eat yogurt.  Even though it’s baby food-like she seems to know that it’s not baby food.



  1. Samantha said,

    Yay! It is soooooo much easier to do real food. Now when you go to Disney this weekend you don’t have to worry about lugging baby food with you. Just feed her off of your plate!

  2. Melanie said,

    very cool! i’m so behind, all i’ve given Zoe are puffs! I was kinda waiting for my doctor’s ok at her 9 month appt! How many teeth does Alexis have?

  3. mellymelb said,

    YAY! I am late on this one but that is so cool. Sophia showed NOT interest in finger foods until she hit 9 months. To the day actually.

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